My mind is filled with silvery stars
Musical staves and boulevards
Emerald green on silver-gilt
In every word and every note
Speak to me flat or sharp
The sublime, it becomes art
I’m not in the mood for sleep now
Oh, maybe a lil’ LOL
The bright fluorescent in my room
I’ll do my best. I might have known
Patterned pavements. Royal Palms
Mosaics and boulevards
Hell yeah, I’m so effing psyched
Band of flowers captures the light
I can’t fight this anymore
Finished, I have to move forward
Speak to me flat or sharp
Music. Why don’t you start?



r u a cobra in coil
Sheathed in smooth scales?
Slithery creature
Do u believe dat ur real?

Hood half spread, u hiss and spit
Usually shy and nonagressive
Fearful under ur swaying glare
Retract again in the hot clear air

Crawl, climb, coil, crush
u cant swallow me head first
Slinking over the desert sand
Save ur venom, im not ur man

no worries tutti-frutti

Hello anyone. hello are you?
I don’t believe it, but it’s true.

Young, cute and slightly mad
Your portrait. Who painted that?

Uber awesome and also fab
Tends to be a total slack job

Outside, went on a wee walk
Hanging around legendary folk

Captive of tonight’s celebration
Go. There will be hours of fun!

Won’t work out for some reason
Sudden change, as I perceive it

Disappeared just like magic
Because you like to be inactive

Brightened All Again

Shadow on asphalt a surging sea
Sweet William he was on a journey
Wearing his fnkay party pantz
He spoke with trembling eloquence
In quest for adventure, he said to me
That is why I travel the streets
Hand on hip he took a long breath
And with a wink, let me think, he said:

“When, where fate tosses you about
Lifes perils are they true or false?
Even so your spirit on the sea
Changes with no directionality
We meet by accident here tonight
Only to live forgotten lives”

So this journey was a short one
Impossible to observe without emotion
Rotting fish dotted with flies
Mermaid solitary against the sky
Clouds in mid-air and still I live
Tale of a ficticious man, that’s it

Extraterrestrial Expressions

No ordinary guy most loved and despised
Bordered on weird skewed paradise
Million dollar home to work and live in
Nothing in this symphony is hidden
Co-existing spaces maddening and inspiring
His crazed obsession seemed to be flowering
A circus act mixed styles and periods
Skittle-hued hard to find pair of mirrors
Fanciful pieces elegant and good taste
And straight ahead unidentifiable shapes
Oil-painted finish ten foot tall clock
Cast on a green wall, objets ‘d art
Entire wall a collected reflection
Something that looks sane means nothing
Stared at the floor searching for meaning
Uninspired. Couldn’t conclude anything
Visionary artist feeling his space?
Or clues left behind by aliens

Frozen River

Is this the place you dreamed about?
Come on in. Winters not gone yet
Just like last season. I swear
To me you will say, ‘Laugh away!’
Weather and time on opposite walls
Entirely recycled

At the base of a snow bank
Five-carat diamonds with winking eyes
Surrounded by a platinum filigree
Most rare
At the rickrack edge of the river
Whimsical magpies making a mockery
In and of nature

Beyond, rose-cut diamonds unopened
Does not shine. In patches grow
Like the fallen sun
This strange arrangement
A form of protest
Winters not gone yet

Portrait of a Lie

He’s coming. I hear him
The light is in his eyes
And yet his own decision
I stood off to the side

Clearly all the things you say
A shame: Vain and coward cries
What else concealed? Plenty
Ultimately, I must decide

And purpose no clear goal
But even so, you know the answer
In the same breath keep control
Time and motion seem suspended

Day after day and so typically
Finds its outer limit that kind of vanity