amazes me…

Stuffed kitten from a crane machine
A pair of knitted socks
Crappy mini suitcase
Full of crappy make-up

Screen printed puppies
On a yellow pullover
From a 99 cent store

Christmas parties suck for me
My friends all get me chocolate
One ‘gift set’ of toiletries
Nasty and caustic

Secret Santa Party
Ho-ho-hold on one second
Best part of December
But books aren’t presents!


My Fav Man

I’m not your normal teenager
I’ve been thru quite a lot
Looks left and right and whispers
I post only in green font

neways, ppl seem to know me
I have a winning smile
On first glance look pretty good
From fashion to hairstyle

So here I am and so r u
…in a brill mood today
I get compliments all the time
Yes, Dear, Literally.

Quiet and dark coz it’s midnight
Getting late I see
Come back take a nap
How time flies away

Too awesome for adjectives
It’s alright for me
Did I mention I’m A Ladyboy
*hug hug* I know you don’t believe.

The Knight Unknown

Behind you hidden each new thing
In these bright stars his words begin:

“From the first moment in my mind
Destine to these unlucky times
How hard so many anxious nights
Angry cries on the path of life
Street preacher in ragged apparel
‘So where are we now?’ he bellows
Lost! This Sunday afternoon
Throughout the world a bad mood
Hustled by a passer-by
These same faces, half-closed eyes
Preacher took his book and left
The party of love and tolerance”

Such was the image in my mind
When I awoke how daylight came
Looking up my heart beating
Everyone became a queen
Love tatoo and flip flops
Brazilian jeans and tank top
Mystery and beauty if you allow it
In my yellow-painted lobby

Tranquilize Me

Into the private room
Painted as bright as the galaxy
Hear the harmony
Again it all began…

What lies in the waves?
Of hearts that break?
We avoided each others gaze

After that outside with him in the yard
In the flow of the story…

Yeah, maybe
Would last throughout eternity

Kissed him random on the lips
In front of the moon a silhouette
A slow arpeggio
We lay in the shadow

Asking, who is it?

Kolors in my Hood

we get the money and we run
badass gang warz, drugz n gunz
the trouble we get in everyday
CRusin da street wit my blue FLAG
awww, this aint no video game
xXL shirts from different gangs
hang around, shootin pool, smokin weed
17ys Old Botu Be 18
all u foos dont know wats up
gunbattles, illegal drugz
two men shot a block away
so dont worry about me, Ok?
and dont worry where im frum
if u white stay outta compton

Brightened All Again

Shadow on asphalt a surging sea
Sweet William he was on a journey
Wearing his fnkay party pantz
He spoke with trembling eloquence
In quest for adventure, he said to me
That is why I travel the streets
Hand on hip he took a long breath
And with a wink, let me think, he said:

“When, where fate tosses you about
Lifes perils are they true or false?
Even so your spirit on the sea
Changes with no directionality
We meet by accident here tonight
Only to live forgotten lives”

So this journey was a short one
Impossible to observe without emotion
Rotting fish dotted with flies
Mermaid solitary against the sky
Clouds in mid-air and still I live
Tale of a ficticious man, that’s it