My mind is filled with silvery stars
Musical staves and boulevards
Emerald green on silver-gilt
In every word and every note
Speak to me flat or sharp
The sublime, it becomes art
I’m not in the mood for sleep now
Oh, maybe a lil’ LOL
The bright fluorescent in my room
I’ll do my best. I might have known
Patterned pavements. Royal Palms
Mosaics and boulevards
Hell yeah, I’m so effing psyched
Band of flowers captures the light
I can’t fight this anymore
Finished, I have to move forward
Speak to me flat or sharp
Music. Why don’t you start?


Nowhere Tonight

He walks past me in the street
I hardly believe
Blue eyes and a girls face
In that long gaze

So I say this
Pure awesomeness

This miracle alone
The more the unknown
Away from the light
Ushering in the night

Like pieces of a spiral
He seemed to smile
Autumn winds blown
And vineyards slope
I am the one you see