it’s gonna be epic!

This time tomorrow life shall be grand
Oh, we shall all be drunken friends!

What will we do on this fateful eve?
Exchange pleasantries, go somewhere cheap?

Rocking out to whatever’s on
80’s and 90’s metal/pop songs?

Chilling out at a club
ZOMG you totally should!

Or eat, drink and play Wii
Best way to celebrate anything!

Looking forward to shenanigans?
Seriously though, that’s a plan!

The city, the Valley will be packed
We all know the party’s where you’re at!


You’re Invited

So I start here –
Petaluma, north of San Fran
OC, Trabuco Canyon, to be exact
I don’t even know where that’s at
Trabuco Canyon, it’s by Mission Viejo
yeAAAaaaHHH!! I’m from Compton 310
In from Citrus Heights, all da way
Hour north of Sac, Capay Valley
Redcrest, small town close to Fortuna
My family has a house in La Jolla
Oakland bitches, but school’s in San Diego
Woo! I live in shitty San Pedro
sANTA cRuz, baby, near Monterey
Somewhere in Santa Cruz County
WEED California, NOR CAL for life
Moorpark is east of Simi Valley, right?
I’m in the Bay Area, San Lorenzo
Hanford by fresno, it’s still koo out there tho

Halfway between Heaven and earth
Except in the Mojave Desert
Majestic trees and cacti
Gentle slopes and hillsides
Distant horizon Douglas Fir
Joshua tree and Juniper
Natural and geographic boundaries
Ideal expression of community
Rocky mountains, water and blue sky
Ordinary and pristine if you live nearby

Believe it!

People with cellphones, city sophisticates
Activists, rednecks and the skeptics
People who drive fast and tailgaters
And those who stop walking on escalators
You who rev engines at red lights
Then squeal off for a wild night
With stereos so loud my car vibrates
Playin’ shyt won’t stop, hip-hop, aight?
Motorbike guys they give me a fright
Vegetarians, homophobics I despise
Trendy people, obnoxious store owners
And ugly babies, would you do me a favor?
Bling bling “what’s your problem” yobbos
Prima donna, anarchists and Bono
Those who say they’re out of cigarettes
And worst of all it brings success
People who like little wayne
Cosplayers dressed like a video game
Are you that person of who I think?
Little angels turned out to be deviants
Gucci belt, Fendi scarf, Obama t? Check
Possessed by a spirit c’est fantastique
…If you shop at Woodbury Commons
I hate everyone tbh

Extraterrestrial Expressions

No ordinary guy most loved and despised
Bordered on weird skewed paradise
Million dollar home to work and live in
Nothing in this symphony is hidden
Co-existing spaces maddening and inspiring
His crazed obsession seemed to be flowering
A circus act mixed styles and periods
Skittle-hued hard to find pair of mirrors
Fanciful pieces elegant and good taste
And straight ahead unidentifiable shapes
Oil-painted finish ten foot tall clock
Cast on a green wall, objets ‘d art
Entire wall a collected reflection
Something that looks sane means nothing
Stared at the floor searching for meaning
Uninspired. Couldn’t conclude anything
Visionary artist feeling his space?
Or clues left behind by aliens

Hold Your Applause

Interrupted in mid-flow
Behind the velvet rope
Thrilling modern twist
Fractured surface
Day-to-day life
Streaks of light
A sparkling scarf
Because it was dark
Unbeknown to some
A good luck charm
A classical dancer
So don’t go there

Unmanly decadence
Disheveled elegance
And that’s him
Limited edition
Glorified version
Is slyly urban

Standing still
On street level
He went his own way
His own neighborhood
Doors opened inward
Charm and lightness
Total silence
Out of the spotlight