it’s gonna be epic!

This time tomorrow life shall be grand
Oh, we shall all be drunken friends!

What will we do on this fateful eve?
Exchange pleasantries, go somewhere cheap?

Rocking out to whatever’s on
80’s and 90’s metal/pop songs?

Chilling out at a club
ZOMG you totally should!

Or eat, drink and play Wii
Best way to celebrate anything!

Looking forward to shenanigans?
Seriously though, that’s a plan!

The city, the Valley will be packed
We all know the party’s where you’re at!


Under a Spell

Trying to kill my boredom
I can’t sleep today
Posting from my iPhone
Tomorrow’s like yesterday

It’s not fair, is it?
Web spells and poison darts
Tomorrow’s like yesterday
From there my trouble starts

Why am I unfortunate?
I leave you happy land
Totally feeling awkward
And want to understand

Trying to kill my boredom
*sighs* I can’t sleep today
Cups and glasses in a row
Steak, cake and turkey

Laying on a lawn chair
I draw in black and blue
*yawning* I just want to fly
Like the pigeons on the roof

To sink in rest, my wish
Blood and bones along the ground
Into the ethereal plane
I came crashing down

Well, well, it’s Saturday night
Asleep in my lawn chair
Insanity mist, spell casters
I’m dancing in the air

Listening to Tubular Bells
I feel renewed, ascend
A single bird, then replies
Let’s go to the outer fringe

Going on at the Park

Rise and fall of a being
Somewhere in-between
A new mood

Boundary lines collide
Form line and light
Seriously amazing

Pants that don’t fit
Switch heelflip
Sixteen stairs
Mobs of skaters

Fluid interplay
Dominated by gray
Bubble to the top

Another stiff test
Alabaster and flesh
More deeply entrenched

Round and round and up and down
With X’ed-out eyes
Not good time
They just disappear