amazes me…

Stuffed kitten from a crane machine
A pair of knitted socks
Crappy mini suitcase
Full of crappy make-up

Screen printed puppies
On a yellow pullover
From a 99 cent store

Christmas parties suck for me
My friends all get me chocolate
One ‘gift set’ of toiletries
Nasty and caustic

Secret Santa Party
Ho-ho-hold on one second
Best part of December
But books aren’t presents!


My Fav Man

I’m not your normal teenager
I’ve been thru quite a lot
Looks left and right and whispers
I post only in green font

neways, ppl seem to know me
I have a winning smile
On first glance look pretty good
From fashion to hairstyle

So here I am and so r u
…in a brill mood today
I get compliments all the time
Yes, Dear, Literally.

Quiet and dark coz it’s midnight
Getting late I see
Come back take a nap
How time flies away

Too awesome for adjectives
It’s alright for me
Did I mention I’m A Ladyboy
*hug hug* I know you don’t believe.

Frozen River

Is this the place you dreamed about?
Come on in. Winters not gone yet
Just like last season. I swear
To me you will say, ‘Laugh away!’
Weather and time on opposite walls
Entirely recycled

At the base of a snow bank
Five-carat diamonds with winking eyes
Surrounded by a platinum filigree
Most rare
At the rickrack edge of the river
Whimsical magpies making a mockery
In and of nature

Beyond, rose-cut diamonds unopened
Does not shine. In patches grow
Like the fallen sun
This strange arrangement
A form of protest
Winters not gone yet