“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Who gets to be a member of the military?
Does homosexuality equal immorality?
It was a bad idea to institute this ban
Lie to conceal our orientation

The time has come to review
You don’t have a right to exclude
Most young people simply don’t care
So why must Gays lie to their peers?

Concerned and anxious about this change
Besides, can you define “openness?”
It’s not a Pink Military or a Gay Pride float
It doesn’t hurt units or the people I know

Policy based on nothing – prejudice and fear
I..? You. What we think really matters
Let’s talk about what the military means
And a roadmap for lifting this ban

Society shouldn’t impose this on us
Admirals, Generals are out of touch
Does it mean being anti-gay?
It’s past its time of necessity


Vagabonds of the Sea

Rebels, murderers, cutthroats, thieves
Modern marauders of the high seas
Enemies of mankind the risks are great
Carving a crimson career magnifique
Sea-going wealth sails unprotected
Lying in wait. It’s ours for the taking
Opportunity or disaster alone at sea
Alight. Desperate slice of society
Most vulnerable ships a potential victim
Wait, lads wait. Can’t you swim?
Wild frontier out at sea
Modern high seas piracy
Ahoy! Every ship in uncharted waters
Beyond laws reach confident mariners
The sea is vast and unforgiving
Free to plunder. Men are drawn to it
Unregulated waters a million miles
A fine big ship once darkness falls
Mon Capitan! Hoist skull and crossbones
With homemade grenades and pistols
Slip aboard aggressive and violent
Crew surrenders without a fight
Bloodied and frightened flee over the side
No defense against cargo crime
What’s this? A private vigilante?
Anyone this channel. May Day! May Day!
Waiting for me with a knife
Abandon the raid. Unlucky strife
He’s out to get me. Hit in the neck
In trouble now. Dropped to the deck
Very well sail on little ship
To hell with them! Died a pirates death