Dear Nation

National team on an international stage
Flying up on the right full stretch
Undocumented worker, immigrant, newcomer
Continue the winning streak together

Plan the next decade Hispanic community
We need serious discussion about diversity
A sensible and humane immigration policy
So you can compete in the global economy

We’ll move away from naive thinking
And bring you into the mainstream
It will open the doors for opportunity
All can be leaders in this community

Growing up in the barrios of Houston
You’ll make a different kind of contribution
You’ve already learned to be bicultural
Keep your head up, you have potential

Unleash all the talent this country can
For that, Mr. President, we need a program
Students need to feel connected in school
With no limitations on what you can do

Different skin color, different accents
Everyone helping out, recognize your assets
You’re industrious, not permanent underclass
Whatever you do, you do with excellence

Now every player has joined the fray
The orchestrated goal was just amazing
The final minute, what a show
Just kick the opponent and score a goal


Changing Paradigm

Dinner table conversation

Odd conclusion drawn

Print and floral decoration

Branch of a tall palm

Voices of a new generation

Fronds of emerald green

W…T…F personal observation

Intriguing evening

Let’s be candid even blunt

Tumult of the times

It has yet to be judged

Not out loud but in my mind

The Challenge

Comedy or tragedy

 Riot of sharp contrasts

Wild inequality

Dressed in dark black

Brink of extinction

Barely blinked

Fact or fiction

Not yet convinced

Anxiety in the world today

Cascading effect

What price would you pay?

Shrinking paycheck

Making a living on the street

No way out of this

Purposely blocked and released

Community consciousness

Like squatters in your own home

Paying down the CC

But somehow you just don’t

Without friends or money

Loosen up work differently

Critical that we stabilize

Restore a sense of humanity

Mindfully open your eyes

Fight Club

It’s only a game he’s a killer alright
Fiery muchacho finds expression tonight
Out-of-bounds on this brigade
React! In the middle of war invade
Friendly fire all it takes to survive
Enthralled and entertained you feel alive
Blunt force trauma perfectly legal
The extent of my pride, the thrill it’s real

I feel pain and pleasure, I might add
I love you, I hate you, I adore you, Comrade
Express yourself all things being equal
Trapped! Dangerous, dangerous move sequel
Recon armor, a manly existence
Missed his mark from a distance
For a moment let’s be kind
Depth of pain dominates the mind
Rite of manhood easy comradery
No Bro, listen my friend, I was lucky
Smashing chairs mastering the technique
It’s not a walk in the park for the weak!