Dear Nation

National team on an international stage
Flying up on the right full stretch
Undocumented worker, immigrant, newcomer
Continue the winning streak together

Plan the next decade Hispanic community
We need serious discussion about diversity
A sensible and humane immigration policy
So you can compete in the global economy

We’ll move away from naive thinking
And bring you into the mainstream
It will open the doors for opportunity
All can be leaders in this community

Growing up in the barrios of Houston
You’ll make a different kind of contribution
You’ve already learned to be bicultural
Keep your head up, you have potential

Unleash all the talent this country can
For that, Mr. President, we need a program
Students need to feel connected in school
With no limitations on what you can do

Different skin color, different accents
Everyone helping out, recognize your assets
You’re industrious, not permanent underclass
Whatever you do, you do with excellence

Now every player has joined the fray
The orchestrated goal was just amazing
The final minute, what a show
Just kick the opponent and score a goal


Sangre en la Via

Troubled-teen pot dealer
No direction in life
Comped like a high roller
City street gang fight

Shrewd bizzare performance
As the need arose
Really dope velvet pants
The power of clothes

Stripped naked in the O.R.
Soft yellow lights
Another point to wonder
Elapsed before night

Ex-gangbangers.  No one cares
Males in their 20’s in the cross hairs

Rose Garden

Peering into your life North and South collide
Beads around the neck elegantly he steps
It was tropical fruit strawberry passion
Anything you do is cool
With that in mind
Straight from his hand to mine
Blunt cigar
Glowing blue constellations Dark Knight
Once again pursuing you
No simple task as it were
Elite geeks, nerds
To the depths of forever
Painted words