My mind is filled with silvery stars
Musical staves and boulevards
Emerald green on silver-gilt
In every word and every note
Speak to me flat or sharp
The sublime, it becomes art
I’m not in the mood for sleep now
Oh, maybe a lil’ LOL
The bright fluorescent in my room
I’ll do my best. I might have known
Patterned pavements. Royal Palms
Mosaics and boulevards
Hell yeah, I’m so effing psyched
Band of flowers captures the light
I can’t fight this anymore
Finished, I have to move forward
Speak to me flat or sharp
Music. Why don’t you start?


You’re Invited

So I start here –
Petaluma, north of San Fran
OC, Trabuco Canyon, to be exact
I don’t even know where that’s at
Trabuco Canyon, it’s by Mission Viejo
yeAAAaaaHHH!! I’m from Compton 310
In from Citrus Heights, all da way
Hour north of Sac, Capay Valley
Redcrest, small town close to Fortuna
My family has a house in La Jolla
Oakland bitches, but school’s in San Diego
Woo! I live in shitty San Pedro
sANTA cRuz, baby, near Monterey
Somewhere in Santa Cruz County
WEED California, NOR CAL for life
Moorpark is east of Simi Valley, right?
I’m in the Bay Area, San Lorenzo
Hanford by fresno, it’s still koo out there tho

Halfway between Heaven and earth
Except in the Mojave Desert
Majestic trees and cacti
Gentle slopes and hillsides
Distant horizon Douglas Fir
Joshua tree and Juniper
Natural and geographic boundaries
Ideal expression of community
Rocky mountains, water and blue sky
Ordinary and pristine if you live nearby

Brightened All Again

Shadow on asphalt a surging sea
Sweet William he was on a journey
Wearing his fnkay party pantz
He spoke with trembling eloquence
In quest for adventure, he said to me
That is why I travel the streets
Hand on hip he took a long breath
And with a wink, let me think, he said:

“When, where fate tosses you about
Lifes perils are they true or false?
Even so your spirit on the sea
Changes with no directionality
We meet by accident here tonight
Only to live forgotten lives”

So this journey was a short one
Impossible to observe without emotion
Rotting fish dotted with flies
Mermaid solitary against the sky
Clouds in mid-air and still I live
Tale of a ficticious man, that’s it

Under a Spell

Trying to kill my boredom
I can’t sleep today
Posting from my iPhone
Tomorrow’s like yesterday

It’s not fair, is it?
Web spells and poison darts
Tomorrow’s like yesterday
From there my trouble starts

Why am I unfortunate?
I leave you happy land
Totally feeling awkward
And want to understand

Trying to kill my boredom
*sighs* I can’t sleep today
Cups and glasses in a row
Steak, cake and turkey

Laying on a lawn chair
I draw in black and blue
*yawning* I just want to fly
Like the pigeons on the roof

To sink in rest, my wish
Blood and bones along the ground
Into the ethereal plane
I came crashing down

Well, well, it’s Saturday night
Asleep in my lawn chair
Insanity mist, spell casters
I’m dancing in the air

Listening to Tubular Bells
I feel renewed, ascend
A single bird, then replies
Let’s go to the outer fringe


Could not resist exchange of words
Pajama pants and white loafers
High pressure situation
System of incarceration
Come on boys, keep moving here
Nowhere else to disappear
Single night or decade
Everyone awaits his fate

Uncontrollable alter-ego
21st Century villain or hero
The only virtue he possessed
Here, seemed out of focus
Crumbling wall and fading paint
Missteps. An endless parade
Keep your guard up. Post your bail
Holding tank. Dade County Jail