Hi Hero

Tangled up zombie dance Penniless Prince
Passionate rave-up fell down in a trance
Friends in America how this feeling flows
Dangerously close interruption overload
Still an optimist haunted by daydreams
Mass hysteria seeing strange things
Cling to roof tops with regal splendor
Such short notice seasoned observer
It’s early as he scans the horizon
New world order in your garden
Destiny unknown exhausted faces
Stand up for higher minimum wages
Booby-trapped. In need of rescue
Delve more deeply into the issue
Cities social problems, it’s not the end
Good morning. Ten minutes to seven
Out of work and out of luck
Lopsided battle filled with blood lust
Resplendent in red, exposed and ramshackle
Promises alone I know no answer
Spread across town pushing and shoving
Now up, now down, the oddest thing
Top-heavy and with a head wind
Our hate, our curse rotting within
Mass of shards a final farewell
In the back of my mind a warning bell
A make or break event, I hear
This is the day the world came together


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