Fight Club

It’s only a game he’s a killer alright
Fiery muchacho finds expression tonight
Out-of-bounds on this brigade
React! In the middle of war invade
Friendly fire all it takes to survive
Enthralled and entertained you feel alive
Blunt force trauma perfectly legal
The extent of my pride, the thrill it’s real

I feel pain and pleasure, I might add
I love you, I hate you, I adore you, Comrade
Express yourself all things being equal
Trapped! Dangerous, dangerous move sequel
Recon armor, a manly existence
Missed his mark from a distance
For a moment let’s be kind
Depth of pain dominates the mind
Rite of manhood easy comradery
No Bro, listen my friend, I was lucky
Smashing chairs mastering the technique
It’s not a walk in the park for the weak!


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